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Jay Adams

Jay is the Head Coach and head of programming for CrossFit Union Square. As an athlete his whole life, once college football ended, Jay naturally was looking for an outlet for his competitive drive and passion for fitness. He discovered CrossFit and was hooked. Jay has now been participating and competing in CrossFit for 8 years, with 7 Regionals appearances as the highlight of his competitive resume. While he loves the sport side of CrossFit, Jay left a job in finance and chose to make coaching his career because of his passion for strength and conditioning, and wellness. He has been coaching groups and individuals for the last 6 years in New York City. Jay has rooted himself at CrossFit Union Square because the community and member base are one of kind.

Elizabeth Adams

Liz Adams Is a CrossFit Level 1 &2 Certified Coach who has been coaching in NYC for the past 6 years. She is a 6x Regional Athlete as well as National Level Weightlifter and daily mediator. She believes that every day there is an opportunity to be better and her goal as a coach is to help people tap into their potential.

Nikki Berger

Nikki has been a CrossFit Coach and CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Union Square for almost 3 years. While coaching at CFUSQ, Nikki is working on finishing her Masters in Positive Coaching and Sport Psychology. Before coaching at CrossFit Union Square she was a CrossFit coach at a family owned CrossFit Box in Long island, NY. While only coaching CrossFit for about 4 years, Nikki has been practicing CrossFit as an athlete since 2012. Nikki got into CrossFit after ending her Collegiate soccer career, in addition to helping her family open and run a CrossFit box of their own. Her favorite part about CrossFit is the community, competitiveness and overall positive impact it has on her mental and physical health. Her favorite part about coaching is getting to meet such amazing and inspiring people and then working with them to help them reach their fitness/personal health goals. Nikki’s favorite part about being a part of the USQ Community is being surrounded by the most supportive and best coaches there are as well as having the opportunity to work/ get to know some of the most inspiring members!

Luis Benitez

Luis is a strength coach from NYC. After several close calls with obesity and asthma, he knew it was time to make a change. Attempting to pick up a sport when you are not in shape can be hard so my attention turned to becoming more athletic. He progressed from court sports to endurance and finally my love, Weightlifting. The process changed him physically and mentally, making him feel more capable, confident, and much stronger. He wants to help you find your sport and be prepared for it when the time comes to perform. He currently operate at Soho Strength Lab in NYC after a decade or running around coaching weightlifting seminars, group classes, and private sessions. That’s where you’ll usually find him training a diverse roster of clients of all ages ranging from general strength all the way up to specialized sports. He has had the opportunity to work with some amazing athletes across several sports including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, fencing, swimming, and figure skating. His certifications cover personal training, sport performance, strength training for sport, and running performance.

Nick Defreitas

Nick is an Olympic Weightlifting Coach here at CrossFit Union Square, where he assists in the development of programming and coaching. Bringing his passion and enthusiasm, he has assisted in the growth of the Weightlifting community here at Union Sqaure. Offering more classes than they did before, and a platform where members can and now have competed in local, regional and national Weightlifting meets. Nick’s enthusiast approach to coaching stems from his athletic background as a collegiate Wreslter at Ithaca College. Where he acquired his Bachelors in Exercise Science and sport and exercise psychology. He serves also as a Strength conditioning coach for New York University, where we helps develop and coach programs for their 21 varsity athletic teams. He also works at J2fit, where he is a personal training manager and strength coach. He’s acquired a numerous amounts of certifications in the field: USAW1, CSCS, PN1 to name a few, and is sucker for learning new ways to optimize human performance. Currently, Nick spends most of workouts focusing on weightlifting, where he has competed in competions for the past 2.5 years and has qualified for the 2019 American Open. His goal is to qualify for nationals for weightlifting, along with helping continue the growth of the Union Square Weightlifting club.

Mike Dewar

Mike is the Olympic Weightlifting Director and head of programming for the Olympic weightlifting program here at CrossFit Union Square (powered by J2FIT Weightlifting). As a strength coach, former athlete, and fitness enthusiast, Mike has devoted himself to strength and conditioning education (CSCS, USAW1, USAW2), training, and real work applications. While Mike has had experience weightlifting throughout his high school and college years, he dove deeper into the studies, coaching, and art/science of Olympic weightlifting in 2014. Mike is a National USA Weightlifting Coach, taking athletes to National Championships, regional qualifiers, and local meets. Mike came to New York from Ohio in 2010 to pursue his Masters degree from Columbia University (Exercise Physiology), and since then has had experiences working in clinical physiology (cardio-pulmonary research) collegiate strength and conditioning (Bowling Green State University and New York University), corporate fitness, and online sports and fitness media (BarBend, Breaking Muscle, Train Heroic). Today, Mike is the owner of J2FIT Strength and Conditioning, which specializes in sports performance, Olympic weightlifting, and functional fitness training. Mike built the Olympic weightlifting program here at CrossFit Union Square from the ground up, and has been able to grow the community exponentially; offering multiple weekly training classes, programming apps, and expanding the coaching experience and expertise to continue to push the members and athletes to new heights.

Taylor Gerrasch

Taylor grew up playing sports but her first love was ballet. She bypassed the typical college route and moved to NYC from her hometown of Rocky River, Ohio to pursue a career in ballet at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. After graduating with a focus in Jazz and Contemporary Dance and making a run at professional dancing, one too many injuries lead her to ditch the tutu's and pick up the barbells. In 2015 she was working the front desk at CrossFit Union Square, taking one class a week, and trying not to get to bulky for ballet. One class turned into two, then three....After 5 months she "drank the Kool-aid" and fell in love with CrossFit. In 2016 Taylor received her CrossFit Level-1 Trainer certification. She is also certified as a CrossFit Kids Trainer. Taylor has worked at a number of CrossFit boxes since getting her L-1 but CrossFit Union Square is a special place for her. The community of members and the tight core of coaches make her excited to come to work every day. Taylor loves the sense of accomplishment that coaching brings. "There is no greater feeling than someone telling me after class that I made their day better or that I helped them achieve a goal." Taylor's passion for CrossFit has also opened doors for her in Olympic weightlifting. In July of 2018 she qualified for USA Weightlifting (USAW) University Nationals and will be competing in Las Vegas, NV in March 2019.

Ross Twanmoh

Ross grew up outside of Baltimore getting his hands on as many sports as he could. His interest in fitness sparked from his studies in Sports Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. At Case Western, Ross captained the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team and spent numerous hours in the training room. Throughout his four years, he accrued an invaluable experience that encompassed both sides of the rehabilitative and training settings, as an athlete and a student. His experience transformed into a career in fitness in New York City. In the last five years, Ross built on his experiences in college and continued his education. From one-on-one to group training to online programming, Ross’ session are now dominated by strength and mobility — two facets of training that he thinks everyone could stand to have more of. Ross’ experiences include working with athletes in a rehabilitative setting, one-on-one training, teaching group fitness and crossfit classes, online consulting, and assisting at Strongfirst Girya certifications. Ross has his CSCS, SFG II, SFL, FRCms, USAW, CF L1, and Kinstretch Instructor license. He has also attended both Planstrong and Strong Endurance workshops through Strongfirst. Ross is built to squat and currently competes in Olympic Weightlifting.

Gabby Morbitzer

Gabrielle Morbitzer spent most of her formative years dancing, and then as a competitive athlete. Prior to her senior year of high school, she tore her ACL and MCL which opened up the opportunity to connect with her body in different styles of movement. Yoga became an integral part of the physical and mental healing process post-surgery and continued to play an important role as she incorporated CrossFit into her life 3 years ago. Having a background in many forms of physical activity has helped her apply yoga to athletes and to broaden the scope of the crossover between various functional physical activity. Gabby has over 400 hours of yoga and meditation training and has been teaching for almost 5 years. Her approach focuses on building flexibility and strength together to create dynamic and healthy movement patterns, developing an awareness of the relationship between body, mind and breath and fostering mindfulness in performance.

Tyler Kenton

Tyler Kenton, DPT, joined the CFUS family almost 3 years ago as a member and now brings his expertise to the team as the in-house physical therapist. He graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Clinical Health Studies in 2012 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2014. Since then, he has worked in NYC in orthopedic private practice, specializing in manual therapy and sports medicine. In addition to CrossFit, his athletic accomplishments include finishing the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon and serving as captain of the Ithaca College Men’s Swimming & Diving Team. Tyler also holds certifications from the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, and his work on mindfulness-based stress reduction was published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Education.

Gabby Pryor

Gabby began doing Crossfit after some persuasion from her family members. At the time she was searching for a new way of exercise that was going to push her more and overall more exciting. She went into her first CrossFit class a little nervous and not expecting to like it at all. After her workout she was hooked, and she has been an active CrossFitter ever since. CrossFit has shown her how far that she can push herself not only physically, but mentally as well. It has added a level of self-confidence and self-motivation that was missing in her exercise routine prior to doing CrossFit. The continual progress she sees with her exercises is something that motivates her to keep going. Our CrossFit community is something similar to a family at USQ. It has become a place you can come to not only exercise but hangout and socialize with your friends. When she first started CrossFit she would have never expected to be a part of such a close community. From her experience, the CrossFit community is something that you cannot get at any regular gym. She has made lifelong friends here at USQ and that is something the community of Crossfit has given her.

Daniel Lynne

Daniel moved to NYC for his undergraduate degree at New York University and has lived here ever since. Prior to starting CrossFit, he competed for several different swimming and water polo teams and served as a coach for the former. After leaving those teams, he joined CrossFit Union Square to maintain his fitness and overall health, but quickly became enamored with the sport and decided to pursue his L1 Certification to further his development as a CrossFit mentor and athlete. He shares a strong connection with the community at Union Square and feels incredibly fortunate to get to learn and grow alongside some of the strongest and most passionate athletes in NYC!
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