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When the Gym Is Your Haven, Celebrate Community

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Look, we know you’re here to get fit, and that’s great! But exercise and physical progress are only part of the benefit of belonging to a great CrossFit gym. The full RhinoCo (and indeed, the full CrossFit) experience is truly powered by community.

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We find peace in our workouts and training, but that’s really where the fitness fun just begins — meeting and socializing with the other people is the real key to feeling belonging inside the gym. So we put together three surefire ways to get more out of your CrossFit community at home, on the road, and even in the bar (the other type).


  1. Go ahead, connect outside the gym. We don’t mind! In fact, the more members who socialize away from weights, the better the community gets inside the gym. You live in one of the world’s best cities, and there are tons of interesting people to meet. CrossFit gyms bring people together from diverse backgrounds, professions, and all walks of life. That’s an all-too-rare occurrence, so take advantage and make some new friends to expand your social circle.


  1. Your tickets are set, your luggage is packed, and you’re ready for the vacation (or, uhm, business trip) of a lifetime. But you still want to get a great workout on the road, and we salute you for making fitness a priority while traveling. But don’t just drop in to the nearest CrossFit box you can find; use it as an opportunity to connect and meet new folks! Grab an Instagram photo with the coaches, tag the box on social media, and keep an eye out for any cool ice-breaking traditions the box uses to welcome new members or visitors. Who knows? Maybe it’s something we’d like to institute back home!
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  1. You keep up to date with the latest CrossFit news, but it’s also important to focus on the wins your friends get closer to home. Hear about a friend’s PR, even if you didn’t see it in person? Give them a text or social shoutout! Celebrating our shared progress isn’t something that needs to be relegated to class time, and going out of your way to acknowledge #gains can be good for everyone involved. It’s why we train together!

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