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Want to Set New PRs? Prioritize Sleep This Winter

As we head into the New Year (2016!), we’re presented with an opportunity to reflect on our behaviors — good and bad — and set new goals for the next trip around the sun. If you’re visiting this website, you’re already a member of CrossFit Union Square or thinking about becoming one (or perhaps dropping in for a workout while traveling, in which case we’d absolutely love to have you!). But no matter why you’re interested in our community and gym, you’re thinking of making fitness a priority.

This winter, we ask you make sleep a priority, too.

Sleep and fitness go hand-in-hand; sleep is the mechanism your body uses to induce rest and recovery in everything from muscles (protein synthesis, tissue rebuilding, and natural growth hormone) to the nervous system (recalibrating to help your mind and body stay in tune).

Busy New Yorkers are some of the worst sleepers in the Western Hemisphere. That’s because we’re bombarded with noise (try earplugs!), lights (that’s another cheap and easy fix for your bedroom!), and stress.

Show up for workouts a few times a week, and you’ll start feeling that stress melt off. But there are other things you can do this winter to dial in your “sleep hygiene” for a better quality of rest — and that will elevate everything else in your life, guaranteed.

It’s the perfect time of year to shop for a new mattress (no lugging in a new one and lugging out an old one in hot and sweaty conditions); the right mattress makes a difference in how your joints and body recover at night. Another great, FREE fix involves cooling down your bedroom (news flash: you’re probably sleeping too hot).

This winter, work on your sleep, and it’ll make your fitness (and mood, and work) that much better.

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