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The Quick, No-Stress Guide to Getting More Out of Your CrossFit Workout

Courtesy of RhinoCo Fitness

CrossFit is one of the most efficient exercise methods around. And in our gyms, you can mobilize, practice skills and body awareness, build strength, and up your conditioning game — all in an hour or less. It’s our goal to take the stress and confusion out of fitness so you can concentrate on, you know, actually becoming fitter.

But while showing up gets you 99% of the way, there are definitely ways to get more out of that hour session with your favorite coach. And while most people understand some initial prep goes a long way — you come well-rested, excited, and motivated to make the session as productive as possible — we think everyone can use a reminder about how just a little extra effort before the workout can make your experience that much better. Below are five of our most tried-and-true tips for getting the maximum effect from the maximum effort you put into a class.

1. Schedule Class Time

Remember that whole part about showing up getting you 99% of the way? Well, you actually have to do it. And the most effective way to make sure you get to CrossFit class is to schedule it into your calendar, just like an important meeting or phone call. Saying you’ll “probably take the 6pm, maybe the 7 or 8pm if I need to” often results in not showing up at all, because there’s always another class you can go to…

That works about as well as an RSVP on Facebook. Block off which class time you’re planning on attending, then work hard to commit. You’ll thank your body (and schedule) later.

2. Arrive Early for a Warmup

We incorporate warm-ups into each and every one of RhinoCo CrossFit classes, but sometimes a specific tightness might call for a little extra love. Maybe it’s showing up 15 minutes early to foam roll, or maybe it’s a ROMWOD earlier in the day to get your hips extra open before squatting. It could be using a lacrosse ball on trigger points during the workday (no one in the office will notice, trust us). Whatever it is, identify any specific mobility restrictions and hit them hard on your own time. That way, you won’t get held back with a specific movement or range of motion when it comes up in a class.


3. Prep Your Gear

If you need lifting shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, or a belt for a particular workout, don’t plan on scrambling for them once the workout has already started. Take what you need with you onto the gym floor instead of rushing back and forth across an area with moving barbells and classmates. It’ll make for a safer, more efficient, and altogether less annoying fitness experience.

4. Now Maintain Your Gear

Ah, the one we all forget. Pro tip: Take your sweaty tshirt and shorts out of your gym bag as soon as you get home; otherwise, you’re in for mildew city. And while we pride ourselves on creating safe, welcoming gym environments, it won’t hurt to plan on securing and protecting your personal items ahead of time. Take some actionable steps to keep your stuff secure during the workout itself, and you won’t be as distracted during that intense metcon.

5. Fuel Yourself

If you haven’t eaten in 24 hours or are dehydrated from a day of sitting and not drinking fluids, chances are you won’t be performing at your peak. On the flipside, it’s also not helpful to pound a full burrito bowl right before a running-and-burpees WOD. Make sure you’re fueled to a comfortable degree, and time your meals around your workouts accordingly. Make sure to do your research on the best pre-exercise nutrition for you, whether it’s a snack, high quality PreWOD, or brain enhancement supplements. It might take a little experimentation, but it’ll make for a much more comfortable experience — and less of a chance at meeting Pukie.


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