CrossFit Union Square


What To Expect


We pride ourselves on being a world-class facility from the quality of our coaches to our equipment and facilities. One of the main tenets of CrossFit is to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable and we are here to get you ready for whatever life has to throw at you, turning you from a mere mortal into a life ninja.


Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

When you are just starting CrossFit you should expect to experience a bit of a learning curve. Oftentimes we are teaching you movements that you have never done before and it is important to remember to exercise patience while mastering those movements.  We like to emphasize mechanics, then consistency and then intensity.  It typically it takes new members a couple weeks to get comfortable with both the movements and the intensity of the workouts.  Just like learning a new language the more you practice the faster you will improve, but as one of our coaches likes to say, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”


Great Amenities and Services

Is CrossFit for you or is CrossFit Union Square the right gym to join? Don’t choose us just because of our great reputation, choose us because of our level of quality coaching, top of the line fitness center, amazing staff, amenities (showers, lockers), location conveniently located in Union Square… Most importantly because we put YOU first!

Taking your first step into CrossFit Union Square is dedicating yourself to reaching your health, fitness, and life goals.


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