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Welcome to CrossFit Union Square!

Located on the corner of Union Square, we’re just steps away from the city’s hub!

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Liability Waiver

I, the undersigned, hereby voluntarily desire to participate in calisthenics and conditioning training and exercise at Intensive Muscle Training Facility (Reebok & CROSSFIT UNION SQUARE) solely for my own enjoyment, exercise and social purposes. In consideration of the foregoing, I hereby release Reebok & CROSSFIT UNION SQUARE, and its officers, agents and employees, and the instructor(s), from any and all claims, suits, judgments, costs and expenses of whatever nature whatsoever, known or unknown, which may arise out of my participation in these classes, specifically including but not limited to claims for injuries and subsequent intervening medical care. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and am at no known risk to participate in these cardiovascular and muscle toning activities.  I further understand and agree that acceptance of this Release form does not in any manner imply acknowledgment or verification by Reebok & CROSSFIT UNION SQUARE of my physical condition and/or ability to participate.  If I am in doubt as to whether my physical condition permits me to participate in these classes, I agree to obtain the approval of my personal physician. I agree to immediately stop my participation in the classes and to notify any Reebok & CROSSFIT UNION SQUARE staff member in the event I feel ill or injure myself. I further understand and agree that notwithstanding the foregoing, Reebok & CROSSFIT UNION SQUARE reserves the right to ask that I cease participating in these classes for any reason, and if that should happen, I agree to do so.

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Posted on 03/07/2016

Courtesy of RhinoCo Fitness CrossFit is one of the most efficient exercise methods around. And in our gyms, you can mobilize, practice skills and body awareness, build strength, and up your conditi


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Posted on 09/09/2015

"The question isn't what I've gained from CrossFit Union Square, it's what I've lost! I've lost 30lbs since November, and I fit into the suit I got married in. Now I keep up with my kids, and when


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Posted on 08/03/2015

"Do you need help moving the equipment? Because I've got muscles!"   #WeAreRhinos #keepcharging   -Jennifer Herrera (@jennifermherrera), 29, member CrossFit Union Square​ photo


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Posted on 05/19/2015

NBC Deportes stops by CrossFit Union Square to see what our gym is all about!

Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 12.46.28 PM
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    Welcome to CrossFit Union Square!

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